About LiveClareLesley

Q:First: how do you say it?

A: Live as in to breath in and out, while moving through the world.  Clarelesley should rhyme with “carelessly”.

Q: What?!?  You want me to live carelessly?

A: No… we just don’t want you to spend your days focused on the negative.

Here’s the thing.  Here at Live ClareLesley, we KNOW that bad stuff happens.  It has happened to the two of us A LOT.  We have learned, separately and together, that laughing and sharing the bad times and the life lessons made us stronger people, friends, and artists in our crafts.  (Its also a merge of our names, Clare and Lesley… we had an arm wrestling match to see who’s name went first.)

We have been inspired to make several individual life changes and it has worked out both well and horribly.  These are the stories and anecdotes that moved into advice that our friends in the real world started asking us for.  But to help out two or three people here and there seemed like it wasn’t a big enough spectrum.  So here we are to spread the love, the angst, and the advice out into the world to help you live without worry, to Live ClareLesley.

If that isn’t enough explanation, here’s more of who we are below! (But if you’ve had enough, hop back to the main page and start reading away! xoxo)

LL and Clare met while working in the good ol’ retail world. In fact, LL turned her application into Clare. Both college students, their work schedules usually coincided. Many hours spent together laughing, dreaming, gift wrapping purchases of customers, and getting honest. These two jumped into a shoe business and jumped out after the “knock offs” appeared. Flattery.
Like all relationships, they’ve had roller-coaster moments. But for the most part, they’ve been there for break ups, life changes, job changes (including trading positions…LL learned a great lesson there). Breaks in communication never stopped or paused their friendship.
Years later with Clare living in NYC, and LL an LA local, these 30-somethings living different lives with different approaches to dating and living, have found many parallels in their separate worlds.
Both strong, independent women who are asked advice from what to wear to how to date to how to ask for more money at work, Clare and LL give a candid, often blunt, approach to life in the real world—whether you’re in a big city or not. Since reality has become what people want you to believe. LL and Clare desire to put their fortunes, misfortunes and vulnerability out there if only to let you know: you are not alone in wading through the insanity of life. Help yourselves to any and all of their thoughts, experiences, opinions, wishes and goals.

Clare: beautiful beyond measure (she’s convinced its more inside than out). Her drive and ambition to teach her goals while helping others is a breath of refreshing altruism in today’s fast paced, narcissistic society. She hates wearing high heels (because at 6’1” it “feels redundant most days”), but feels that a good pair is key to confidence, power, and authority. A self-proclaimed pessimistic optimist, her Pollyanna perspective is uplifting, honest and hopeful. An actress and novelist whose creativity knows no bounds, Clare won’t take no for an answer. First to offer assistance, shirt off her back or living space if you’re going through a transitional moment, Clare is generous. Plus the girl is witty! With a Bachelors in Theater and a Master’s in Psychology, Clare is half guru, half nerd for research, people, and analysis, but is the first to tell you that if you want something, you have to manifest it from your soul. Don’t put the negative into the universe!

Lesley: a joyous and evocative force of life (and might seem like a skinny bitch to hate, but will go to bat for you in a second). Also known as LL, she never leaves home with out her conversation starter red lipstick. Life has led her to make lattes, dabble in medicine (professionally and life-changingly personal), and offer her own spin on therapy through retail. Currently she focuses her energy on helping her clients “Return to Life” through Pilates. A retired long distance runner, she has always had fitness as part of her life. A certified Pilates instructor by the Pilates Method Alliance and a private teacher/trainer , she has published “Profitable Pilates” and has been quoted in Vogue and Pilates Style magazines. Also she was voted Best of LA Pilates instructor by Los Angeles magazine. LL is lit up by those who are working their dream. Nothing sexier than someone who knows what they want and is working towards it!

LL is inspired by: Joseph Pilates, Amy Spencer, Danielle Laporte, her students, Steve Harvey, you!

Clare is inspired by: Mastin Kipp, Gabby Bernstein, Julia Cameron, Robert Edmond Jones, Jackson Kiddard, Lesley Logan, artists who never give up.

If you like what you read here and would like a more personal approach to your life, please reach out to us with your questions at liveclarelesley@gmail.com

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