Goals Update 2016 #45 LL

I wake up today excited! In a few days, I will be on the road with my Husband and puppies to see my family for Thanksgiving. I’m unable to eat most of what is traditional.  Don’t worry, I bring my food and only enough for one serving.  I get to spend more time enjoying my family and less time feeling stuffed to the gills.

This week my goals for myself are quite simple:

On the Drive up I will get rid of most of my weekly tasks, once I arrive there will no work until the drive back down!

The goal for Wednesday night-Sunday morning: Rest, relax and enjoy time with family!

It may require a bit of extra work today and tomorrow, but it’s worth it. What extra things can you do today so that you can chill out this holiday weekend?


Thankful Thursday

Each week we encourage you to tune in, join the discussion and pass on your own thankful thoughts!

We are thankful for understanding.  When things are bleak, or when they’re confusing, or even foggy, it is nice to know that even if someone doesn’t understand something, that they do have an understanding of you, or your feelings, or your frustrations.  Have someone’s back, and they’ll have yours.

We are thankful for changing leaves–they’re turning colors and making the world beautiful, even though they’re dying.  But we all know that in a few months, there is a rebirth–its a promise, and it never fails us.

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How to cope with shock, fear, and confusion

Shock.  Fear.  Confusion.  What is going on in the world?  2016 has taken us for quite a loop.  As we march into the home stretch, into the holiday season, and winter doldrums, there is one thing to keep in mind–love and communication will help you through whatever crisis you’re facing.

In America, we have just found ourselves in a history unlike any other.  Half of the nation is in celebration that the world will be different.  The other half is in shock and dismay that the world will never be the same.  The interesting (no not “bad” interesting–my friend Michael says he has been using interesting instead of bad lately… as I’ve started to notice many have) thing is that both sides are saying the same thing.  Both sides wanted something different; wanted change; wanted a breath of fresh air to lead our country.  While it seems that we are split in two, we are simply two arguments for the same side.

I’ve been talking, and talking, and talking to friends and strangers this past week about the drama that was the Presidential Election last week.  Honestly, that is the most AMAZING thing about this election for me–that so many of my friends are in shock and awe of what happened, that we are opening up conversations with each other.  As my friend Alex says, this is only creating safe spaces.  So as we heal and breathe through our shock, fear, and confusion, and we start to come back to a rationale, we need to start this discussion with those who oppose us; with those who think differently; to those who saw this coming.  Just like in any crisis that knocks us on  our asses, we need to reach out to the ones who have a different viewpoint so that we can see the world through their eyes.  By doing this, by seeing a different view, by hearing someone else’s thoughts on the situation at hand, be it the Presidential election, any number of debatable human rights, or even just a terrible personal choice, we MUST reach out, not to just those who care about us, but to those who oppose us.  We must listen.  We do not have to agree, but we need to come to an understanding of the what and the why of what happened.  Half of America was so sure that they’re candidate would be President, that we stopped listening to the other half.  It is when we stop listening and understanding that we become divided.  It is when we stand together–whether we like each other or not–and are whole, that forward motion can happen.

Shock, fear, and frustration always pass when we seek knowledge and understanding.  I encourage you, now or in the future to go out to listen and discuss your thoughts and feelings with those with whom you disagree or fear.  If you create a learning space, or a safe space with an opponent or someone who sees things differently, it will be uncomfortable.  It will be frustrating.  It will be HARD.  But we live life to make decisions that lead us on to bigger and better things.  So breathe and sojourn on.  Get answers.  Start discussions.  Make new friends.  Learn new information.  Keep an open mind, and move forward.  Together.

With all of my love and understanding,



Goals update 2016 #44 LL

Well, THAT happened!

I know that we have readers from all over the world and even on both sides of the results of the elections here in the US. However, I have always been honest about how I feel and how my goals are going. I will not stop doing that today.

I had all these plans for last week. I had goals I was working on, a todo list and was excited to think about the future a bit more. What would be next?!

Then I woke up on Wednesday. I had fallen asleep hoping it was a nightmare, hoping they would find more votes. Hoping! I woke up to what I considered the worst case scenario. I woke up and felt scared. Not just scared for me, scared for everyone. I tried to do my day as usual. I ran, went to yoga and walked the dogs. I was supposed to write two blogs that day. I sat there numb. Clare and I spoke. It was similar to a death in your life or a breakup. The world continued, but I couldn’t seem to focus. Couldn’t keep a thought in my head long enough to attach it to another thought. I couldn’t even read a magazine. I couldn’t get comfortable. I was beyond thrilled to go and teach. Teaching meant not having to think about anything but the person around me.

Here we are, five days later…I’m still scared but I am less shocked. I am still worried, but I can at least think about tomorrow and the future. I have picked my “bootstraps” back up and am moving forward!

This week: I shall catch UP!

Financial: no more freaking excuses after last week it’s all about getting it together so that no election determines my ability to do my dreams.

Health: My stomach is worse than last then the past week. The ayurvedic work I have been doing has helped 40%, but I am not sure how long I can continue at 40-60%. My Husband made some calls, and we are trying something else. I am going back on to my extremely strict reset and adding in some activated charcoal.

Personal: I mentioned before I am sleeping more and I continue to do that. I am also hoping to start reading for pleasure soon. I miss reading fiction. I completed my final module of “The Work” with my mentor this past weekend. I am spending my evening tonight with the Super Moon! My friends in “The Work” are joining me on one epic hike!

Business: My partner and I sent off some awesomely great emails last week and will have some exciting news for 2017! My Profitable Pilates goals are completing and or reshaping.

HUGE NEWS one of my goals from 2014 and 2015 that became a dream to happen when the timing was perfect! I taught at PilatesAnytime.com, and they released my first class! Enjoy 30 days of free watching with my code LLOGAN.

This week I hope is a little brighter for those of you who woke up like I did on Wednesday. Please keep smiling at strangers, showing love and light to everyone around you. xx~LL 

Thankful Thursdays

Each week we encourage you to tune in, join the discussion and pass on your own thankful thoughts!

We are thankful for simple ingredients!  Its amazing when you get down to it, the simple things in life.  I was baking an apple pie from scratch from apples a friend picked.   Baking always makes me admire simplicity.

We are thankful for sweet treats.  No matter if you like something literally or figuratively sweet, treat yourself–its a nice thing to do.

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Leap Already

I  have written about it before in a few blog posts “Leap of Faith” and “Climbing the care” and here I am writing about it again: The proverbial “Leap of Faith”, the big “jump and your net will appear”.  If you are at the edge and wondering if you should “just go for it” or hang back and play it safe this blog is for you!

  1. Jump and the net will appear: maybe…It also might not! But, you’ll never know unless you go for it. Plus, what is the worse case scenario? Seriously, what is it? I’ll wait….Is it death? Or is it just feeling like a failure? Tony Robbins said, “there is winning and there is learning.” So, there you go! JUMP! Freaking go for it!
  2. Plan it out: What is it that you want to appear? What net are you hoping catches you? What do you need to do to put the odds in your favor for that net to appear? If you want to be a doctor but you don’t go to med school then chances are your net won’t appear. But, if you create the plan that in theory gets you to where you want to go then all that is left is for you to “jump”.
  3.  Give yourself the gift of a decision: Choose to leap, postpone the leap or pick a date to think about leaping or not. Wavering back and forth is the worst thing in the world. Idling sucks. It also eventually drives you crazy, causes you to doubt other things in your life and pretty much helps you procrastinate other things you could be doing!

So, what leap have you been thinking about? Steve Harvey had a video going viral for awhile about jumping and parachutes. You never know when they are going to open but they never will if you don’t jump and get some air beneath your wings.


Goals update 2016 #43 LL

I have to say I love a good “fall back”!  If you are stateside then you just went through the ‘gain and hour’ time change. If we have to do it, it is the best one! I took advantage of it. I slept 11 hours on Friday night and then totally slept in way past  my normal Sunday wake up to get another 9 hours. I’ve decided that come 2017 I will make sleeping a major goal for each day. I know, we are not even done with 2016 and here I am again talking about 2017.

But, I think that’s what the end of the year can be good for. Finishing up projects and making notes for the future ones. Not everything can be done today, nor should it be.

Personal: This week I will be completing my final module of “The Work”. I am excited to learn more but sad that this will mean the end of the workshops. However, the beauty of learning is that it never stops!

Business: I working on the details of a project I want to launch for 2017, finalizing the next date for my Pilates Day Retreats and getting ready to finalize the plans for my Cambodia Pilates retreat!

Health: I had a major stomach set back when trying out Marinara sauce. However, it only took about 2 days to recover. This week I feel will be much better!

Financial: Lots of money going out to continue growing my business. But, bills mean business! I’m also happy to say my hubby and I are on track to be debt free fairly soon! woot-woot!


Thankful Thursdays

Each week we encourage you to tune in, join the discussion and pass on your own thankful thoughts!

We are thankful for healthy competition–it makes us strive to do more and be better.

We are thankful for gracious winners and losers.  Winning is great, and makes you feel wonderful–but being nice about it makes everyone a better person.

CONGRATULATIONS CHICAGO CUBS!!!!  #flytheW #thecurseisbroken

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Nine ways to win at life

Advice. We all seek it until we don’t want it (which is when we actually need it). Its always changing too, both our needs of the advice and the actual advice. As we grow, or refuse to grow, the advice pool is always there. Here are some pieces of advice, that will help you win at life.

  • Worry. This is a must. Do it daily, because when you don’t worry, things don’t get done, or people get hurt, or life changing or threatening things happen. Worry fixes everything, and takes up very minimal brainwaves. So please, make sure to worry every day. Constantly, if possible.
  • Be Impatient. There is nothing that makes other people more happy to help you as when you are completely irrational and impatient—they know you have a schedule, and they know that you are the most important person/thing/happening in their life, so if you keep reminding them with your impatience, this will help you get what you need done.
  • Do everything at once. People who can’t do, multitask. If you try to do everything at once, you have the perfect excuse when you can’t finish anything. And if you get everything done while trying to do it at once, well, that is just a double win, now isn’t it?
  • Perfect perfection. Always focus on being the absolute best. Never settle for anything less. Ever. Never forgive yourself or others if perfection isn’t achieved daily.
  • Rudeness rules. Everyone else is so much less important than you are, and they just don’t understand your life, your needs or your time limits. So why not use rudeness, and pepper it with a LOT of sarcasm, so they understand who you are and will get out of your way so you can be that amazing person, and live your amazing life.
  • Focus on yourself. When you focus just on you, you understand yourself. You will always have to live with yourself, unlike everyone else. No one else has to live with you every day, so you’re the only one who knows what you need and when. Even if you don’t know. You can just sit there and focus on it and commiserate with yourself. Eventually everyone will realize that this is the best way to make yourself the best.
  • Throw everyone under the bus. Remember to get to number one, you have to get there first. If that means you have to pave the way with bodies, do it.
  • Know you’re perfect. Never try to learn anything new, make yourself better, understand others, grow, change, or delineate from your original self or plan. It only leads to destruction.
  • Never, ever, ever stop to breathe or take a moment. Woo-woo people who light candles and believe in things bigger than themselves take time to stop and breathe. You are on your way to winning at life, and your body does those things naturally, so why stop and take the time to do them?

If you’ve read this far, and stayed with me the entire way, I hope you are laughing. This was all sarcasm… To live a great life, do the OPPOSITE of all of these things. There is NO winning life. There is just LIVING life. Mistakes happen. We all get broken and bruised—but you just have to keep getting back up and trying again. Breathe. Be kind. Do the best you can. No one is perfect and we should STOP SEEKING perfection–it doesn’t exist.  Live your life for YOU, but don’t knock everyone down on your way. You’ll be much happier.


Goals Update #42 2016 LL

Holy Freaking COW! There are only 10 more weeks left in 2016….Thank goodness 2017 is available. I’m going to need it.

I just reviewed my goals for 2016. There are some I have decided to bump to 2017 because I just couldn’t fit them in. Not that I didn’t make time. I didn’t have the time. As you know this past month I made some room for more. These are the things that I am looking into checking out with this new “room” I have:

  1. Improve class
  2. Read more books
  3. Speaking appearances
  4. Camping trips

This week I am tying off a few projects and chewing on a few new ones to launch in 2017

Health: continuing to work on this new herb regimen and focus on stress less to help my stomach heal

Financial: paying off some big retreat bills and looking at 2017 needs

Personal: having more brunch with friends and date nights with my husband

Business: lots of follow ups since I just spent a week in a Pilate world hanging with fellow teachers, presenters and friends.

Is there a goal you still want to work on that will carry over to 2017?