Being always available to others leaves no time for you. 

Why are you constantly available? Cell phones. Laptops. Internet. All of these things make us continually available. Which is great, because anyone can reach us anywhere at any time. But. Anyone can reach us anywhere at any time.

I have a client who is tormented by her devices. She feels like people are upset with her if she doesn’t respond quickly to anything and every way people try to reach her. It’s almost like she’s a character in a horror movie, running from the unstoppable poltergeist–her words!

In a session she was complaining about how she felt like she didn’t have quiet time. And felt strung out because she was always answering to someone. A breath later she was commenting about how someone on the train to our session was on the phone and she couldn’t believe that they took a call on the train–and she felt annoyed by this. My response? I told her it was her choice and also her fault. Today we are allowed to connect with anyone and everyone and then he means possible. She has been complaining about how she is always there for her friends, coworkers, and boyfriend. Which sounds like to me is her choice.

The secret to not getting strung out; it’s not what you think. The secret: is to turn off your phone. Leave your computer in the other room. Schedule time for yourself. And do not let anyone else take that time. Whenever you take more time for yourself, you allow yourself needed rest to be able to deal with not only your life but everyone else’s.

Thankful Thursday

Each week we encourage you to tune in, join the discussion and pass on your own thankful thoughts!

We are thankful for the ability to stop.  How often do you just stop what you’re doing, not because its the end of the day, or because you have to–but because you want to?  Give yourself time.  It is the greatest gift–even if its only 10 minutes.  Stop, and take a moment, or three for yourself today!

We are thankful for fast connection.  It is so easy to talk to people these days–remember 20 years ago when we just had land lines and the internet was just starting to go public?  And now you can talk to anyone or look for anything instantly.  Yes, it has trained us to need things more instantaneously, but it is a lovely thing to be able to connect with so many, so easily.  Today is National Presidential Joke Day AND National Sons and Daughters Day–maybe you should take this as a sign to reach out and share a joke with a friend (so many Trump jokes pop into my brain), or reach out to a son, daughter, or someone who is a son or a daughter!

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