Goals Update 2016 #39 LL

This last week was pretty planned out and then life happened as it usually does. Some major changes that were coming in the future but happened a little sooner than anticipated.

This week:

Re-evaluating schedule and timeline of certain work projects. Can they happen sooner?

Financial: meeting with adviser next week to recalibrate the goals. Big changes don’t just effect where you go and when they also effect where you make money and spend it.

Fitness: it’s my final Pilates assessment for The work! All workouts are to help me rock that test.

Personal: finally putting out our wedding photos…I’m telling you so that we are held accountable to this!

Business: thinking bigger! Dreaming as big as I can so I can push what’s working to the next level!


Goals updates 2016 #35 Clare

I’m in a show!  Waste, Fraud, and Abuse The Musical

I found a copy editor!

I’ve got a date with a friend to clean out my summer wardrobe next week to delete anything I don’t need or didn’t wear or like this season!  It will be gone soon!

Ugh… finances are still crap…

I’m back to doing my Sun Salutations every morning.  I feel so much better!!



Revisit your 2016 goals–avoid perfection!

As the summer turns the corner into fall, we all tend to reflect. At the beginning of summer we just want to get out and play, and then the middle of summer we just want it to either slow down so we have more time, or speed up so we can get out of the heat!  But when the air starts to crisp, and we start to settle in for the cooler months ahead, we look back and wonder if we were as successful in this year as we wanted to be.  Its like a second new year, as we look forward into fall and winter.

2016 has been a year of goal examination here at Live ClareLesley–as we have tried to keep up with our goals and keep you informed.  As we hit an unofficial new year, we would love for you to examine what your goals were this year, and if you’ve completed them with ease, or if you’ve yet to finish what you started!

This inward focus on your goals is meant to be a positive reflection–there is always time to start again, or refocus if you weren’t getting the results you originally desired.  Remember that Perfection is a continually receeding line, like the horizon, and you can only be who you are!  Here is a reminder on how to kick the perfection focus and kick yourself back into your 2016 goals!


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Goals 2016–Clare #28

Finance–Eeek…. I’ll admit I’ve let this one slide… and its funny, because I didn’t really realize it until a couple of friends asked me about it.  Sigh.

Fitness–I don’t know how it is where you are, but in NYC its 95+++ degrees… its TOASTY.  My morning sun salutations are a struggle, but I’m determined to keep it up.

Organization–I tackled the back of my door today–which is a lot of hanging bras, sweatshirts and hidden things… I got rid of a handful of things–off to the goodwill I go!

Book–I’ve been formatting and looking for a copy editor to help me out, as mine have fallen off.

Agent–auditions are starting to pick up… I feel like fall might be a good season for me!!

Goals Update #19–Clare


Its kind of an amazing feeling to not watch your bank account plummet when you decide to try to not spend so frivolously.  However my taxes were finally filed and I owe.  A lot.  And although I saved, I didn’t save enough.  So back to the drawing board.  Someday I hope I’ll get this money thing right.


So I was at an event that had a fortune teller… so I sat down and chatted with her.  She told me, not knowing that I had committed this year to finding an exercise habit that would stick.  She told me that this little change I had made in my life was going to do me really well in the long run–which was the whole point of this goal.  Its nice to know that I have a pat on the back from the Universe.


I have a bad habit of just making piles now, and will come back to them later… well… this Saturday was pile day.  I tackled and put away two giant piles.


I had two people ask me about it… I don’t know why, but I’m waiting on this.  Procrastinating almost.


Went to an audition with a big theater company.  Crossing my fingers!