Goals Update 2016 #40 LL

This week is my first real week out working just for myself. It’s still a transition. I am focusing on eliminating projects that no longer are in line with my purpose. Reconnecting with friends that I have wanted to have coffee with but my schedule didn’t allow and gearing up for a big week next week! I’ll be teaching at the annual PMA gathering in Phoenix, AZ!

Business: I’m making sure that Pilatini®Nights and my upcoming UK Retreat are getting out in the eyes of those who need to hear about it!

Financial: I am meeting with my advisor to make sure that with all the new changes I am on track to do the things I want to do when I want to do it!

Health: I’m hoping to get back in with my stomach people. I’m still not where I think I should be. My stomach still is showing that it has not healed yet. I wanted to just give upon this goal last week. I had a few nights of just horrid pain but I don’t want this to be my “normal” so I must continue the course!

Personal: I passed my final module assessment for “The Work”. This was the hardest one for me! I really went for it and it paid off. Now, it’s all about making sure I get stronger as the workshop is just a few weeks away.

Here’s to you and your goals this week! xx~LL

Goals Update 2016 #21 Clare

OMG!!! I can’t believe we’re half way through this year.  So a quick look back to begin.  Ok, honestly, I didn’t think I would be as good in some of these areas as I am–fitness, organization, agent.  But I’m kind of bummed about where I am in Finance and my book…

However, the proud is out weighing the bummed!



I paid most of my taxes. I’ve started a savings plan for next year.


Still going strong.  Daily sun salutations.  Not gonna lie, some days I’d rather sit on the sofa then do them, but then I think–hey, I can still listen to music or watch tv… and these DON’T take THAT long.


Summer clothes are all out, and winter clothes are put away.  UGH.  I need to detox some of the summer stuff.  I’m gonna go with “if I didn’t wear it last summer, its going in a pile.  If I think about it tomorrow, I’ll keep it.  If I don’t, off to be donated!”


Formatting and making edits from one of my copy editors!


Still hoping to book.  Summer is super slow in my business, and in this city.  So I might not have a ton to update here until fall.

Goals update 2016–#18 Clare


I reined it in and saved money this week.  Working on paying off the credit card with the highest interest rate.


Since its warmer outside I’ve been walking to the extra subway stop.  I’ve also walked three times in the part this week.   And sun salutations.  And tap class!


Half way through changing over summer clothes and winter clothes!


NO change


no change.

Goals 2016 update #1 LL

Hey Hey, we are officially into the New Year! Here’s what I have been up to so that 2016 will be the year of living with fierce and fabulous strength.

Health: I took my calendar and put my yoga and Pilates classes and even self practice in and on repeat for the whole year. I know that in March I will be traveling and I have a few conferences that will take me out of town. I’ll deal with those when they arise. For now, I can sit back and know that I won’t double book myself.

Personal: I have a bank account that is solely for this one student loan on autopay. I have never changed it because I couldn’t login to my account. I finally took the time (and yes it was a lot) to log in and change it’s auto pay to the bank account I actually use!

JobLove: I wrote out several workshops I want to film. I submitted them for approval for continuing education credits. I scheduled their filming dates. Next, I have to put in my tasks to make the filming dates happen.

I would like to share that I use a couple amazing apps to make my 2016 happen. 1) I do use a calendar. I even have a shared calendar so those who need to know are. 2) I use omnifocus to help me organize my projects and tasks. I can set due dates, defer dates (so I don’t have to see things that are not on the docket) and I can repeat things after I completed them. 3) https://basecamp.com/ allows me to assign some of my tasks to others. For example I need to update things on my website. I put it in Basecamp assign it to my web deb team and they get an email. They do it, check it off and I get an email. This takes the task off my mind and allows me time to do other things. PS my husband I used Basecamp to plan our wedding in 4 months. There were no fusses, fights or issues.

Stay tuned for next weeks update! Please share yours. We would love to hear what you did this week to rock your 2016 plan.