Goals update #48 2016 LL

As my final weeks of 2016 approach, I have been spending more time percolating on 2017. I feel the last three years have each had their own themes. Each year I have grown more and more. I have been challenged in ways I hoped and in ways, I didn’t expect. I still have not decided on what 2017 will have in store but here is what I know for this week.

  1. Focus on filling my Retreats. I have only 4 spots left for my retreat to Angkor. Only 6 spots left for my Retreat to Maui. We just announced our Day Retreat here in LA, and there are 8 spots.
  2. Prepare the social for the last week of December and First Week of January. I do not like to work on Jan 1.
  3. Think about what I want to consume more of and where I want to spend time contributing
  4. Final reading os 2016 and first readings of 2017
  5. Begin starting each day creating instead of on tasks. I want to see how this goes and if this is how I will structure my work days.

Tell me, what are you most excited about as the end of 2016 approaches?


Goals Update 2016 #45 LL

I wake up today excited! In a few days, I will be on the road with my Husband and puppies to see my family for Thanksgiving. I’m unable to eat most of what is traditional.  Don’t worry, I bring my food and only enough for one serving.  I get to spend more time enjoying my family and less time feeling stuffed to the gills.

This week my goals for myself are quite simple:

On the Drive up I will get rid of most of my weekly tasks, once I arrive there will no work until the drive back down!

The goal for Wednesday night-Sunday morning: Rest, relax and enjoy time with family!

It may require a bit of extra work today and tomorrow, but it’s worth it. What extra things can you do today so that you can chill out this holiday weekend?


Goals update 2016 #44 LL

Well, THAT happened!

I know that we have readers from all over the world and even on both sides of the results of the elections here in the US. However, I have always been honest about how I feel and how my goals are going. I will not stop doing that today.

I had all these plans for last week. I had goals I was working on, a todo list and was excited to think about the future a bit more. What would be next?!

Then I woke up on Wednesday. I had fallen asleep hoping it was a nightmare, hoping they would find more votes. Hoping! I woke up to what I considered the worst case scenario. I woke up and felt scared. Not just scared for me, scared for everyone. I tried to do my day as usual. I ran, went to yoga and walked the dogs. I was supposed to write two blogs that day. I sat there numb. Clare and I spoke. It was similar to a death in your life or a breakup. The world continued, but I couldn’t seem to focus. Couldn’t keep a thought in my head long enough to attach it to another thought. I couldn’t even read a magazine. I couldn’t get comfortable. I was beyond thrilled to go and teach. Teaching meant not having to think about anything but the person around me.

Here we are, five days later…I’m still scared but I am less shocked. I am still worried, but I can at least think about tomorrow and the future. I have picked my “bootstraps” back up and am moving forward!

This week: I shall catch UP!

Financial: no more freaking excuses after last week it’s all about getting it together so that no election determines my ability to do my dreams.

Health: My stomach is worse than last then the past week. The ayurvedic work I have been doing has helped 40%, but I am not sure how long I can continue at 40-60%. My Husband made some calls, and we are trying something else. I am going back on to my extremely strict reset and adding in some activated charcoal.

Personal: I mentioned before I am sleeping more and I continue to do that. I am also hoping to start reading for pleasure soon. I miss reading fiction. I completed my final module of “The Work” with my mentor this past weekend. I am spending my evening tonight with the Super Moon! My friends in “The Work” are joining me on one epic hike!

Business: My partner and I sent off some awesomely great emails last week and will have some exciting news for 2017! My Profitable Pilates goals are completing and or reshaping.

HUGE NEWS one of my goals from 2014 and 2015 that became a dream to happen when the timing was perfect! I taught at PilatesAnytime.com, and they released my first class! Enjoy 30 days of free watching with my code LLOGAN.

This week I hope is a little brighter for those of you who woke up like I did on Wednesday. Please keep smiling at strangers, showing love and light to everyone around you. xx~LL 

Goals update 2016 #43 LL

I have to say I love a good “fall back”!  If you are stateside then you just went through the ‘gain and hour’ time change. If we have to do it, it is the best one! I took advantage of it. I slept 11 hours on Friday night and then totally slept in way past  my normal Sunday wake up to get another 9 hours. I’ve decided that come 2017 I will make sleeping a major goal for each day. I know, we are not even done with 2016 and here I am again talking about 2017.

But, I think that’s what the end of the year can be good for. Finishing up projects and making notes for the future ones. Not everything can be done today, nor should it be.

Personal: This week I will be completing my final module of “The Work”. I am excited to learn more but sad that this will mean the end of the workshops. However, the beauty of learning is that it never stops!

Business: I working on the details of a project I want to launch for 2017, finalizing the next date for my Pilates Day Retreats and getting ready to finalize the plans for my Cambodia Pilates retreat!

Health: I had a major stomach set back when trying out Marinara sauce. However, it only took about 2 days to recover. This week I feel will be much better!

Financial: Lots of money going out to continue growing my business. But, bills mean business! I’m also happy to say my hubby and I are on track to be debt free fairly soon! woot-woot!


Goals Update 2016 #39 LL

This last week was pretty planned out and then life happened as it usually does. Some major changes that were coming in the future but happened a little sooner than anticipated.

This week:

Re-evaluating schedule and timeline of certain work projects. Can they happen sooner?

Financial: meeting with adviser next week to recalibrate the goals. Big changes don’t just effect where you go and when they also effect where you make money and spend it.

Fitness: it’s my final Pilates assessment for The work! All workouts are to help me rock that test.

Personal: finally putting out our wedding photos…I’m telling you so that we are held accountable to this!

Business: thinking bigger! Dreaming as big as I can so I can push what’s working to the next level!


2016 Goals Update #38 LL

Happy Anniversary!

Today my husband Brad and I have been married 1 year!

We shared some of our big events on our blog. Looking back at what has happened in just 365 days was pretty incredible.

This year  I have been updating you all on the goals I am working on. I have not really spend much time reflecting on what all I have done in one sitting.

As the final months approach I can tell you I am freaking thrilled with what this year has brought me. I also am excited for all the is yet to come in 2016.

This week I am spending time looking over projects that are still in the works, saying goodbye to things that are no longer serving their purpose.

I’ll be able to share more deets with you all soon. I promise.

In the meantime, my financial goals, business goals and exercise goals are rocking. Stomach is not doing what I wish but all is process.

What are you celebrating today? I’d love to know! xx~LL

Goals updates 2016 #37 Clare

I don’t know how to follow last week! 

Debt management is underway! 

I have an exciting project in the works! 

Fall is in full swing! 

I’ve hurt my shoulders so I’m taking it easy on the sun salutations. 

My show opens a week from yesterday!  Check it out: Waste, Fraud and Abuse The Musical

Goals updates 2016 #36 LL

I am so excited for this week! Ok, first September and October are jam freaking packed. There is not a day that doesn’t have a important task. But, that’s what I am excited about. It’s too easy to go “wo is me. I’m so busy….blah blah blah.” Honestly, many of my projects are finally taking off. It’s time to buckle up and enjoy the ride. After October I’ll get to see where they all land. Maybe even sooner.

Business: I’ve got a photo shoot this Friday so I have stock images for my profitablepilates.com blog. It’s time to systemize things and this is one of them. Then another shoot on Saturday. This one will be fun. I have been scoping out some awesome locations. Stay tuned to my Profitable Pilates IG account for these babies. I’m also preparing some major workshops to be debuted on PilatesAnytime.com. Stay tuned for next weeks post as I talk more about that goodness.

Fitness: I’ve got one month to get myself ready for my 4th “The Work” module. This one is a tough one for me. It’s hitting some spots that I need to work on within myself (not just fitness wise). But, this week I am committed to working on it every day.

Finances: We decided to go ahead and just purchase the big last purchases of the year. Flights, rental cars etc for all our holiday travels. Now, we know how much we need to pay off by the end of the year. Much easier than it hanging over our head.

The infamous stomach: well, it’s in process.

Oh, one more thing! I am challenging myself to be clear each day on what my purpose is for that day. What outcome do I want. Eye on the prize my dears!


Goals updates 2016 #35 Clare

I’m in a show!  Waste, Fraud, and Abuse The Musical

I found a copy editor!

I’ve got a date with a friend to clean out my summer wardrobe next week to delete anything I don’t need or didn’t wear or like this season!  It will be gone soon!

Ugh… finances are still crap…

I’m back to doing my Sun Salutations every morning.  I feel so much better!!



Goals updates 2016 #35 LL

This week I only have about 4 days to get everything in! I’ll be out of town for the weekend teaching a Pilates training. There is much to do this week. As I mentioned it is the final quarter. I have to be on my game if I want to get it all done.

I started using the Spark Journal to help me take a look at my major goals over a 30 day period and break it down by week. Here’s what is on this weeks agenda:

I’ve got 1 month before I assess for my final module of “the work” at Vintage Pilates. This one is so tough for me. I have to do my practice for it EVERY DAY!

Profitable Pilates business courses and book promoting. I already scheduled all the social for courses, my book and my retreats. This way I don’t have to think about it. My Cambodia retreat only has 6 spaces left. Maui is starting to get sign ups and UK announce and sold spots already. These plates are spinning fast. I cannot wait to travel and teach. Want to join me?

My stomach is ok for those wondering. It’s still a 2016 goal but not a focus of September. I went to my Ayurvedic doctor yesterday. Received new herbs and seem to be doing better again. The issue is getting better but it sort of mutates. It’s trying so hard to survive. Haha sounds like it’s an alien. Hmm, maybe it is?!?!?

Back to business! I have to write at least 2 or 3 courses to film by end of the month. Has to happen. Plus, I have to write a few courses to film when I go to Pilates Anytime. So, I better get going! Much to do. Have you looked at the month ahead yet? Sometimes it can be overwhelming to plan that far out but it can also be a great way to feel in control of what might feel like a whirlwind!