Goals updates 2016 #34 Clare

I love the fall!  But I feel so overwhelmed!  LL and I had a discussion about our goals and where we are in our journey this year.  I feel like I’ve done pretty well in some areas and not so well in others.

Fall always seems like we’re turning the corner to the end of the year, but it also feels like a fresh start.  So I’m revising my goals.  Maybe one of the reasons I’ve not been successful is that I didn’t quite know what I wanted, and made the wrong goal.  Maybe one of the reasons I’ve had trouble keeping up with my goals is that I’m now bored with the daily steps, or I’ve hit a ceiling.  So 2016 goals revised:

  1. Fitness-This one  I’m keeping exact–keep up with a small exercise daily–I’m sticking with sun saluations.
  2. Finances-This one I keep avoiding.  So I’m going to put it on hold for now and see what my goal really is.
  3. Organization–I’ve cleaned out my closet to a good extent… but I’ve also seemed to fill up the empty spaces.  Maybe I need to shop less!
  4. Book–I’m not sure why this one isn’t working.  Its a big step next: publishing.  I don’t know why I’m scared.  I’m still waiting for help… but I think I need to start asking for help again.
  5. Agent-I’m in a show and reaching out to many about it.  I’m going to focus on going to lots of auditions for the fall.  Getting good work will get me an agent!

Revisit your 2016 goals–avoid perfection!

As the summer turns the corner into fall, we all tend to reflect. At the beginning of summer we just want to get out and play, and then the middle of summer we just want it to either slow down so we have more time, or speed up so we can get out of the heat!  But when the air starts to crisp, and we start to settle in for the cooler months ahead, we look back and wonder if we were as successful in this year as we wanted to be.  Its like a second new year, as we look forward into fall and winter.

2016 has been a year of goal examination here at Live ClareLesley–as we have tried to keep up with our goals and keep you informed.  As we hit an unofficial new year, we would love for you to examine what your goals were this year, and if you’ve completed them with ease, or if you’ve yet to finish what you started!

This inward focus on your goals is meant to be a positive reflection–there is always time to start again, or refocus if you weren’t getting the results you originally desired.  Remember that Perfection is a continually receeding line, like the horizon, and you can only be who you are!  Here is a reminder on how to kick the perfection focus and kick yourself back into your 2016 goals!


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Goals updates 2016 #34 LL

We are in the final quarter of 2016! Holy sh*t! I feel like we just started sharing our progress.

This past week I got super honest about the frustrations I was having. I know I usually am brightside up so how could I have frustrations…well we all do. When I hear myself repeat a complaint a few times I make time to review the complaint.

I have been struggling to find time to film my courses for my site. I wanted to do 2-4 a month. I haven’t had time to do any all Summer. There has been a lot of positive things happening so it’s not the end of the world. But, these courses are essential to my business. So, it’s time to double down. It’s time to remove the complaint.

For this last quarter I am:

Writing/Filming 6 courses

Taking 3 Trips with my Hubby

Launching my Retreats

Saying Goodbye to one of my spinning plates

In order to do some of these my Hubby and I decided it was time to hire a dog walker and increase our housekeepers visits. We are going to try this out for the last quarter of this year and see if it is something that helps or not. If it helps it stays if it doesn’t then we go back to how things are and try something else.

Keeping the plates spinning and lighting some fires! Have a great week my dears.


Goals Blog #33–Clare

It’s a funny thing to miss something. I didn’t do sun salutations. And I stopped drinking my lemon water. My body kind of hates me right now. So I started it all up again this morning. 

It’s a funny thing–I generally like to put off starting or restarting things for Monday’s. Beginning of the week always seems like the best time. But why?  I’m restarting on a Friday. I’m going to try to do one thing toward all of my goals today. Maybe baby steps will help. 

Goals 2016 #33 LL

As this week begins I’ll be back at my Ayurvedic specialist. Unfortunately, I am back to where I was before I worked with him. It’s only been two weeks and the first started off much more promising than anything else. The GI system is an interesting beast. So, I’m staying as positive as I can and not giving up yet.

Business wise I have had some amazing strides this week. The saying the best time to plant tree is 20 years ago and the second best is now…so freaking true. I have been planting seeds for three years and they are finally sprouting. I cannot wait to announce whats blooming!

Financially I was able to give back last week. I taught for charity and it felt so good to do something I love in an effort to help those in need. I hope to be able to do it again soon!

Which makes me wonder what do you love to do that you can do one hour this week to help someone else?

xx~L L

Goals 2016–#32 Clare

Oy!  A friend posted on Facebook 3 resolutions she wants to accomplish by the end of the year. Ooof. I started to look at this years goals and how far I’ve come, but how far I have yet to go. And really–it’s all me. I just have to buck up and do some things. 

I’ve committed to my daily sun salutations. That, albeit a small task, is actually probably the best and biggest. 

And I’m continually auditioning, but I got a little discouraged early on with the agent finding mission. 

The book–I asked for help and got some, and then help sort of evaporated. So I guess I need to get back out there and ask for more help. 

Finances–I still bury my head in the sand when one of my two friends who said they would help me with this ask about it. I really have to just be a big girl and make a decision. 

Organization–ooh, this one I feel I’ve done well on. Well some weeks I’ve done well. I’ve cleared a lot out. I’m going to, in the next few weeks, clear out my summer clothes. I’m going to make two piles–things I love, or wear all the time. And things I didn’t wear or don’t care as much for. I’m going to take the second pile and keep half of it–as in make hard choices and get rid of a good amount. My drawers are just too full. 

Goals 2016–#32 LL

WOW August is flying by so fast…and yet so slow. It makes me think of a quote Gretchin Rubin once said, “The days are long but the years are short.”

This month I have had people visiting me every weekend. So, my goal for August was to work and play. So far I have succeeded in this. This week while LA is going back to school I am throwing myself back into my work goals.

Here we go:

Health wise my venture to the Ayurvedic specialist is helping. I’m feeling about 30% better just one week later. I’m hoping each two week check in gets closer.

Financial: being an entrepreneur is unique. I have never made so much money and had so little. Staying positive about it is this weeks goal.

Business: I’ve got a few deadlines approaching and a couple calls this week. Fingers crossed I make it past stage two and my creative content rocks as much as I want.

Enjoy the last weeks of your summer and I can’t wait two see what the end of summer nights brings. xx~LL

Goals 2016–#31 Clare

Ooof. Summer is hard, y’all!  

I’m gonna admit it, I stopped doing my sun salutations because it was 90 degrees in my apartment in the morning. And since we don’t have air conditioning, I said no. And I’m the worser for it. My back and legs hurt. So today I started doing them again hopefully tomorrow I won’t hurt as much! 

I booked a show–so that is exciting. No agent yet. But a show is good! 

Money is still the same. I’m ignoring it. 

Organization has gotten as far as it can for the moment. I’ve cleaned out everything I can.  I’ll exit a few more things from my wardrobe at the change of seasons. 

Book–getting closer! 

Goals #31–LL 2016

So last week I finished the third portion of “The Work” and thoroughly enjoyed all the lessons (both Pilates and life), time with my “work” buddies and seeing what is needed to get to the final portion of this journey.

This past weekend Jeni Del Pozo and I had our 2nd “Pilates Day Retreat.” It was a blast! Bigger than our first one and we announced our 3rd one!! The Jumpboard. One of my business goals was to begin doing retreats. I thought I would have to wait until 2017 but the truth is you don’t have to go to a far away land to have a retreat!

Last week I also announced my UK Pilates retreat with Julie Driver. Save the date London! I’ll be making my first trip your way 12/5-8.

It’s been the busiest of work goal weeks so this week I am going back to making my health the focus. After lame news from all those medical test I am going EAST! Bring on the energy healers and acupuncturists. I can’t wait!

Sometimes you can work all your plates at once and other times you have to spin some hard enough they can spin themselves while you focus on others. This summer has been about balancing the plates. These check in’s mean I don’t forget to go back and check on them. Love a good system.

Have an amazing week! xx~LL

Goals #30–2016 Clare

Wow… can’t believe we’re now to 30… a third of the way through!

I love the discussions I’ve been having with you all about my goals–so thank you for your continual support!

I’m still auditioning, still in a holding pattern with the book.  Still cleaning a little each week and I’m finding that a person who likes “stuff” is letting go a little more each week.

Spending with only cash is going well.  No change from the diet… although, I love how many veggies I’m eating… I feel like I have more energy.