2016 Goals Update #38 LL

Happy Anniversary!

Today my husband Brad and I have been married 1 year!

We shared some of our big events on our blog. Looking back at what has happened in just 365 days was pretty incredible.

This year  I have been updating you all on the goals I am working on. I have not really spend much time reflecting on what all I have done in one sitting.

As the final months approach I can tell you I am freaking thrilled with what this year has brought me. I also am excited for all the is yet to come in 2016.

This week I am spending time looking over projects that are still in the works, saying goodbye to things that are no longer serving their purpose.

I’ll be able to share more deets with you all soon. I promise.

In the meantime, my financial goals, business goals and exercise goals are rocking. Stomach is not doing what I wish but all is process.

What are you celebrating today? I’d love to know! xx~LL

Goals updates 2016 #37 Clare

I don’t know how to follow last week! 

Debt management is underway! 

I have an exciting project in the works! 

Fall is in full swing! 

I’ve hurt my shoulders so I’m taking it easy on the sun salutations. 

My show opens a week from yesterday!  Check it out: Waste, Fraud and Abuse The Musical

Failure is what makes the goal achievement worth the most

Many times people stop their goal pursuits because they’re afraid to fail!  To me, that is one of the silliest reasons.  We all know, from extensive experience, that the failures along the way were just things that were not meant to be.  They were not going to serve us, and therefore they fell by the wayside.  They were markers to put us back on the right path and focus on what really matters.  AND most importantly, they make the achievement that much greater.  When we get to the top of the mountain and look around to enjoy the view, the slips and foot falls along the way made the view THAT MUCH GREATER.

So, why not fail?  Why not make all the mistakes?  Why not make all the slips and foot falls.  Visualize the view from the top, and take it one step at a time.  If you really want this, you’ll get there eventually.

We believe in you!

xx ~LL

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Goals updates 2016 #37 LL

I’m here! I have arrived!

5 years ago I dreamed I would be here.

2 years ago I tried and lost

1 year ago I tried again and lost

Today I am here. I am here for 2 days!!!

Sometimes you get what you want but it is bigger than you could have imagined.

That is all I have for this week. I will try to share more in the future. But for today I must enjoy every minute of what is happening right here, right now, in this moment.


Goals updates 2016 #36 LL

I am so excited for this week! Ok, first September and October are jam freaking packed. There is not a day that doesn’t have a important task. But, that’s what I am excited about. It’s too easy to go “wo is me. I’m so busy….blah blah blah.” Honestly, many of my projects are finally taking off. It’s time to buckle up and enjoy the ride. After October I’ll get to see where they all land. Maybe even sooner.

Business: I’ve got a photo shoot this Friday so I have stock images for my profitablepilates.com blog. It’s time to systemize things and this is one of them. Then another shoot on Saturday. This one will be fun. I have been scoping out some awesome locations. Stay tuned to my Profitable Pilates IG account for these babies. I’m also preparing some major workshops to be debuted on PilatesAnytime.com. Stay tuned for next weeks post as I talk more about that goodness.

Fitness: I’ve got one month to get myself ready for my 4th “The Work” module. This one is a tough one for me. It’s hitting some spots that I need to work on within myself (not just fitness wise). But, this week I am committed to working on it every day.

Finances: We decided to go ahead and just purchase the big last purchases of the year. Flights, rental cars etc for all our holiday travels. Now, we know how much we need to pay off by the end of the year. Much easier than it hanging over our head.

The infamous stomach: well, it’s in process.

Oh, one more thing! I am challenging myself to be clear each day on what my purpose is for that day. What outcome do I want. Eye on the prize my dears!


Goals updates 2016 #35 Clare

I’m in a show!  Waste, Fraud, and Abuse The Musical

I found a copy editor!

I’ve got a date with a friend to clean out my summer wardrobe next week to delete anything I don’t need or didn’t wear or like this season!  It will be gone soon!

Ugh… finances are still crap…

I’m back to doing my Sun Salutations every morning.  I feel so much better!!



Don’t let excuses get in the way of your goals

In our pursuit to reexamine our 2016 goals, we see many of the choices we have made and we use excuses to get around it.   Goals are easy to set, and easy to meet with excuses, instead of actions.  However, if you take small steps toward your goals each day, you’ll actually find those small steps easier than making a new excuse or trying to live through the excuse you already made.

Excuses are never a positive thing. We simply need to get out of our own way to be able to move forward.

Focus on the goals, not the excuses!


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Goals updates 2016 #35 LL

This week I only have about 4 days to get everything in! I’ll be out of town for the weekend teaching a Pilates training. There is much to do this week. As I mentioned it is the final quarter. I have to be on my game if I want to get it all done.

I started using the Spark Journal to help me take a look at my major goals over a 30 day period and break it down by week. Here’s what is on this weeks agenda:

I’ve got 1 month before I assess for my final module of “the work” at Vintage Pilates. This one is so tough for me. I have to do my practice for it EVERY DAY!

Profitable Pilates business courses and book promoting. I already scheduled all the social for courses, my book and my retreats. This way I don’t have to think about it. My Cambodia retreat only has 6 spaces left. Maui is starting to get sign ups and UK announce and sold spots already. These plates are spinning fast. I cannot wait to travel and teach. Want to join me?

My stomach is ok for those wondering. It’s still a 2016 goal but not a focus of September. I went to my Ayurvedic doctor yesterday. Received new herbs and seem to be doing better again. The issue is getting better but it sort of mutates. It’s trying so hard to survive. Haha sounds like it’s an alien. Hmm, maybe it is?!?!?

Back to business! I have to write at least 2 or 3 courses to film by end of the month. Has to happen. Plus, I have to write a few courses to film when I go to Pilates Anytime. So, I better get going! Much to do. Have you looked at the month ahead yet? Sometimes it can be overwhelming to plan that far out but it can also be a great way to feel in control of what might feel like a whirlwind!




Goals updates 2016 #34 Clare

I love the fall!  But I feel so overwhelmed!  LL and I had a discussion about our goals and where we are in our journey this year.  I feel like I’ve done pretty well in some areas and not so well in others.

Fall always seems like we’re turning the corner to the end of the year, but it also feels like a fresh start.  So I’m revising my goals.  Maybe one of the reasons I’ve not been successful is that I didn’t quite know what I wanted, and made the wrong goal.  Maybe one of the reasons I’ve had trouble keeping up with my goals is that I’m now bored with the daily steps, or I’ve hit a ceiling.  So 2016 goals revised:

  1. Fitness-This one  I’m keeping exact–keep up with a small exercise daily–I’m sticking with sun saluations.
  2. Finances-This one I keep avoiding.  So I’m going to put it on hold for now and see what my goal really is.
  3. Organization–I’ve cleaned out my closet to a good extent… but I’ve also seemed to fill up the empty spaces.  Maybe I need to shop less!
  4. Book–I’m not sure why this one isn’t working.  Its a big step next: publishing.  I don’t know why I’m scared.  I’m still waiting for help… but I think I need to start asking for help again.
  5. Agent-I’m in a show and reaching out to many about it.  I’m going to focus on going to lots of auditions for the fall.  Getting good work will get me an agent!

Revisit your 2016 goals–avoid perfection!

As the summer turns the corner into fall, we all tend to reflect. At the beginning of summer we just want to get out and play, and then the middle of summer we just want it to either slow down so we have more time, or speed up so we can get out of the heat!  But when the air starts to crisp, and we start to settle in for the cooler months ahead, we look back and wonder if we were as successful in this year as we wanted to be.  Its like a second new year, as we look forward into fall and winter.

2016 has been a year of goal examination here at Live ClareLesley–as we have tried to keep up with our goals and keep you informed.  As we hit an unofficial new year, we would love for you to examine what your goals were this year, and if you’ve completed them with ease, or if you’ve yet to finish what you started!

This inward focus on your goals is meant to be a positive reflection–there is always time to start again, or refocus if you weren’t getting the results you originally desired.  Remember that Perfection is a continually receeding line, like the horizon, and you can only be who you are!  Here is a reminder on how to kick the perfection focus and kick yourself back into your 2016 goals!


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