2016 Goals update #11 LL

Happiness! Yes, I wish I could just write that and you could see the updates…but since I can’t here you go:

Health: It’s time to get real adult. I must get a doctor. Calling this week

Personal: 3rd book of 12 done and 4th book is in the pipeline. I love reading. Can’t believe I ever stopped reading so much before this year.

JobLove: Get 2 more workshops on the books. Film 2 more for this month.

Happy Happy


2016 Goals Update #10 LL

Time flies when you are enjoying it. So, from now on I shall see that as a positive thing. My trip was beyond magical. As I land back in LA my goals for this week have a theme: Reflect and Revise.

Health: Check in with what I wanted out of this year. Make plans for what’s next.

Personal: Check with Financial progress first. How’s the first quarter playing out. What’s next?

Joblove: Check in with all the #’s get honest and make plans for the next 3 months

It’s good to take a step back and get a birds eye view. Checking in allows you time to revise. Goals are not set in stone!


Why your bi weekly paycheck is holding you back

Until now I always have known when I am getting paid. Since I was 15 years old I have been getting paid every other Friday. I remember my first pay check and being so excited. It was all my money! Well, and all those other people who were taking their piece of the pie. But, what was left over was mine!

I like a good oldest child did what was expected of me. I put some in savings and then I went shopping! I quickly learned that I would need to ration it out more if I wanted the paycheck to last more than the weekend. However, I was 15. There was going to be a roof over my head, food on my table and a little extra from my folks just because. Eventually I got better at spreading out my little coffee shop pay check.

Then as many of you readers know I went into retail where again I was getting a small check each week but enough for a college student to have some sort of life. After several promotions however, I got salaried! Yep, guaranteed money. No matter how much I worked I at least knew how much money I was making. There are upsides and downsides to both. However, it was so freeing to not worry if I would get “enough” hours at work. I knew what my pay would be and could budget accordingly.

Now, different then most salary jobs I also had commission bonus. So, if I wanted more (which who doesn’t) I just had to sell more. Or have my staff sell more! I was able to quickly get out of college debt, move into my own apartment. I could get a car on my own. I had a lot more freedom.

But, I wanted more.

See, it’s very secure knowing how much you are going to make no matter what. In fact it’s almost too secure. Like comfy secure.

There is no real fire under your arse. Sick or not that paycheck will magically appear in my bank account. Every other Friday will balloon my account. Unless something unexpected happens, I’m good.

It’s so comfy that it can be hard to get away from. Like a couch that’s too soft and deep, it can be hard to get out of. Like a drug it can be hard to walk away from. Every paycheck is a hit!

If you have a dream, a desire beyond your current job; if that dream or desire is you working for yourself, I can tell you that your bi-weekly paycheck is going to be one thing, one big thing that holds you back!

Why? Because it’s pretty hard to leave. It’s hard to go out on your own, not knowing how much you’ll make. You may make more money in the beginning but then…when is the next deposit? You might have to start off making nothing…when will the next hit come? Slowly, if you left the check it may seem like it’s calling you back. If you haven’t left the check…well you get my point.

I have not been living off my own paychecks for 3 months when this posts. Is it scary HECK YES! My account is more full than ever but I am scared to spend it. However, don’t worry. I am working out where the money needs to go next to grow my business further. There are weeks where no new money comes in. Weeks where I make a months worth in a day. It’s an ebb and flow. A entrepreneurial roller coaster. But, it’s my roller coaster. All mine.

If you want to work for you. If you are trying to get out of the addiction from your current “comfortable” paycheck. Try this:

Whats your bare minimum budget?

What can you get rid of entirely?

Do you have at least 6 months living expenses saved up?

Do you have a plan for how your desire will bring you money?

Can you start your desired business in the wee hours before work and the evening hours after?

Can you get your business off and running before you go cold turkey?

We are about to read “The Power of Broke” for our LCL Book Club. I must say dear readers there is so much power in not having a guaranteed income. You get creative. You don’t throw money at things. You get down and dirty with your business and really figure it all out.

You may go cold turkey, you may slowly wean yourself off. But, either way remember that going back to a job or staying at a job for a biweekly hit will only get your a biweekly hit.


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2016 Goals Update #9 LL

Hello from Thailand and enroute to Cambodia. Yes, life is more amazing today than yesterday. My husband and I are enjoying the incredible life and culture of these amazing countries. I’ll have much to share after I get back. But, for now I must be quick!

Health: Being ok with not being on my normal LA schedule. Finding creative ways to move while on vacation.

Personal: Stay present!

Joblove: Looking forward to it when I return. For now…it’s on vacation too!

Off to the temples of Angkor


2016 Goals Update #8 LL

I’m on my honeymoon and enjoying life. My goals for this week:

Health: Relax

Personal: Be present

Joblove: Trust that it will all be there when I get back

SO much love for you from Thailand


2016 Goals Update #7 LL

This time next week I will be on a plane to SouthEast Asia and basically taking a break from the day to day life. Not that life stops or goals stop just that I’ll be enjoying life without the interruptions of what’s due now?

Before I go here’s what I’m getting done:

Health: Typing up a card of my food allergies in each language that I will encounter on my trip

Personal: Setting up my schedule for after my return so I don’t have to think about it as I return back from honeymoon bliss

JobLove: double checking Social media schedule is set up and all my website links work so the business runs without me. Thank you tech.

Sometimes you have to go further ahead to take a break


2016 Goals Update #6 LL

Geez…life is flying by! It’s a busy month but I am seeing the signs that my hardwork and todo lists are keeping me on track.

Health: I have been working towards eating cleaner. This may seem like a surprise as I mostly talk about my workouts. I have some food allergies and working on figuring out why I feel ill is an important part of 2016. I have now fully eliminated oil, dairy and gluten. I am feeling great!

One more week until my mat pilates assessment. Stay tuned to see if I pass

Personal: Get all my bill pays set up for March so nothing to worry about while traveling. Also, evaluate my savings plan for retirement

JobLove: Getting more savvy with my youtube videos.

Face Fears my friends! I hate tech and I am diving in.


2016 Goals Update #5 LL

I am literally weeks away from my honeymoon and using this 2 week vacation to really get ahead. My thinking is after I get back I can take a clear look back at how my plans are going.

Health: Still doing my mat pilates everyday to get ready for my assessment. Focusing on the transitions between the exercises this week. No rushing!

Personal: Finishing up book 2 of 12 for the year. The School of Greatness for our LiveClareLesley bookclub podcast

JobLove: Filmed workshop #2 of 4 and interviewing experts to help me advertise (this is a big step for me).

Keep on Keeping on!


2016 Goals Update #4 LL

After 4 weeks of 2016 I took the time to “check in” with where I was at and what I wanted. I am happy to say I still love the desires I have maps towards. I am also still on track in my plans.

I am gearing up for my Honeymoon so lots of “extra” stuff to do before I take 2 weeks off from work and well my normal day to day life.

Health: Doing my Mat Pilates everyday to get ready for my assessment at the end of Feb.

Personal: Taxes are off to my CPA

JobLove: Taught a Workshop and filmed it. Two birds One Stone! I need 4 workshops filmed this month for my website. Why do something twice when you can do it once.

Until next week my loves.


2016 Goals update #3 LL

Life is back in full swing. A wedding, work and my birthday are here. In the schedule and asking for attention. It’s easy to drop new habits to quickly handle the opportunities that arise. But, my goal is to use these opportunities to strengthen my new habits. So, a few schedule changes here and there and wah-lah. All is well and now I can enjoy the nuptials of my friend and have my birthday cake too!

Health: my yoga teacher is out of town. I took advantage of his absence by going to my friends classes.

Personal: Operation consolidation is in full swing. I am free of an extra checking account.

JobLove: Filming a workshop and submitting applications for these workshops to offer continue education credits.

If you take a look ahead you can pretty much make room for anything extra that comes your way.