Goals Update 2016 #40 LL

This week is my first real week out working just for myself. It’s still a transition. I am focusing on eliminating projects that no longer are in line with my purpose. Reconnecting with friends that I have wanted to have coffee with but my schedule didn’t allow and gearing up for a big week next week! I’ll be teaching at the annual PMA gathering in Phoenix, AZ!

Business: I’m making sure that Pilatini®Nights and my upcoming UK Retreat are getting out in the eyes of those who need to hear about it!

Financial: I am meeting with my advisor to make sure that with all the new changes I am on track to do the things I want to do when I want to do it!

Health: I’m hoping to get back in with my stomach people. I’m still not where I think I should be. My stomach still is showing that it has not healed yet. I wanted to just give upon this goal last week. I had a few nights of just horrid pain but I don’t want this to be my “normal” so I must continue the course!

Personal: I passed my final module assessment for “The Work”. This was the hardest one for me! I really went for it and it paid off. Now, it’s all about making sure I get stronger as the workshop is just a few weeks away.

Here’s to you and your goals this week! xx~LL

Goals Update 2016 #39 LL

This last week was pretty planned out and then life happened as it usually does. Some major changes that were coming in the future but happened a little sooner than anticipated.

This week:

Re-evaluating schedule and timeline of certain work projects. Can they happen sooner?

Financial: meeting with adviser next week to recalibrate the goals. Big changes don’t just effect where you go and when they also effect where you make money and spend it.

Fitness: it’s my final Pilates assessment for The work! All workouts are to help me rock that test.

Personal: finally putting out our wedding photos…I’m telling you so that we are held accountable to this!

Business: thinking bigger! Dreaming as big as I can so I can push what’s working to the next level!


Goals updates 2016 #37 LL

I’m here! I have arrived!

5 years ago I dreamed I would be here.

2 years ago I tried and lost

1 year ago I tried again and lost

Today I am here. I am here for 2 days!!!

Sometimes you get what you want but it is bigger than you could have imagined.

That is all I have for this week. I will try to share more in the future. But for today I must enjoy every minute of what is happening right here, right now, in this moment.


Goals updates 2016 #36 LL

I am so excited for this week! Ok, first September and October are jam freaking packed. There is not a day that doesn’t have a important task. But, that’s what I am excited about. It’s too easy to go “wo is me. I’m so busy….blah blah blah.” Honestly, many of my projects are finally taking off. It’s time to buckle up and enjoy the ride. After October I’ll get to see where they all land. Maybe even sooner.

Business: I’ve got a photo shoot this Friday so I have stock images for my profitablepilates.com blog. It’s time to systemize things and this is one of them. Then another shoot on Saturday. This one will be fun. I have been scoping out some awesome locations. Stay tuned to my Profitable Pilates IG account for these babies. I’m also preparing some major workshops to be debuted on PilatesAnytime.com. Stay tuned for next weeks post as I talk more about that goodness.

Fitness: I’ve got one month to get myself ready for my 4th “The Work” module. This one is a tough one for me. It’s hitting some spots that I need to work on within myself (not just fitness wise). But, this week I am committed to working on it every day.

Finances: We decided to go ahead and just purchase the big last purchases of the year. Flights, rental cars etc for all our holiday travels. Now, we know how much we need to pay off by the end of the year. Much easier than it hanging over our head.

The infamous stomach: well, it’s in process.

Oh, one more thing! I am challenging myself to be clear each day on what my purpose is for that day. What outcome do I want. Eye on the prize my dears!


Goals updates 2016 #35 LL

This week I only have about 4 days to get everything in! I’ll be out of town for the weekend teaching a Pilates training. There is much to do this week. As I mentioned it is the final quarter. I have to be on my game if I want to get it all done.

I started using the Spark Journal to help me take a look at my major goals over a 30 day period and break it down by week. Here’s what is on this weeks agenda:

I’ve got 1 month before I assess for my final module of “the work” at Vintage Pilates. This one is so tough for me. I have to do my practice for it EVERY DAY!

Profitable Pilates business courses and book promoting. I already scheduled all the social for courses, my book and my retreats. This way I don’t have to think about it. My Cambodia retreat only has 6 spaces left. Maui is starting to get sign ups and UK announce and sold spots already. These plates are spinning fast. I cannot wait to travel and teach. Want to join me?

My stomach is ok for those wondering. It’s still a 2016 goal but not a focus of September. I went to my Ayurvedic doctor yesterday. Received new herbs and seem to be doing better again. The issue is getting better but it sort of mutates. It’s trying so hard to survive. Haha sounds like it’s an alien. Hmm, maybe it is?!?!?

Back to business! I have to write at least 2 or 3 courses to film by end of the month. Has to happen. Plus, I have to write a few courses to film when I go to Pilates Anytime. So, I better get going! Much to do. Have you looked at the month ahead yet? Sometimes it can be overwhelming to plan that far out but it can also be a great way to feel in control of what might feel like a whirlwind!




Goals 2016 #33 LL

As this week begins I’ll be back at my Ayurvedic specialist. Unfortunately, I am back to where I was before I worked with him. It’s only been two weeks and the first started off much more promising than anything else. The GI system is an interesting beast. So, I’m staying as positive as I can and not giving up yet.

Business wise I have had some amazing strides this week. The saying the best time to plant tree is 20 years ago and the second best is now…so freaking true. I have been planting seeds for three years and they are finally sprouting. I cannot wait to announce whats blooming!

Financially I was able to give back last week. I taught for charity and it felt so good to do something I love in an effort to help those in need. I hope to be able to do it again soon!

Which makes me wonder what do you love to do that you can do one hour this week to help someone else?

xx~L L

Goals #31–LL 2016

So last week I finished the third portion of “The Work” and thoroughly enjoyed all the lessons (both Pilates and life), time with my “work” buddies and seeing what is needed to get to the final portion of this journey.

This past weekend Jeni Del Pozo and I had our 2nd “Pilates Day Retreat.” It was a blast! Bigger than our first one and we announced our 3rd one!! The Jumpboard. One of my business goals was to begin doing retreats. I thought I would have to wait until 2017 but the truth is you don’t have to go to a far away land to have a retreat!

Last week I also announced my UK Pilates retreat with Julie Driver. Save the date London! I’ll be making my first trip your way 12/5-8.

It’s been the busiest of work goal weeks so this week I am going back to making my health the focus. After lame news from all those medical test I am going EAST! Bring on the energy healers and acupuncturists. I can’t wait!

Sometimes you can work all your plates at once and other times you have to spin some hard enough they can spin themselves while you focus on others. This summer has been about balancing the plates. These check in’s mean I don’t forget to go back and check on them. Love a good system.

Have an amazing week! xx~LL

Goals 2016–#29 LL

As you know last week was a big health goal week. I had only one goal. To do this test. Well, I did my test and am awaiting the results. So stay tuned.

This week I am focusing on just one thing as well. I started out 2016 hoping to get into a special program with my Pilates mentor. I was one of 12 people selected for a year long program. This year my goal was to complete this program, all 4 parts. This week is the 3rd portion. I must admit it’s been a tough section for me. I’ve had to do some major soul searching. I have had to release my desire to be the best, to be perfect and to realize that I am enough.

This weeks goal is to remind myself to be where I am, to soak up info like the best sponge on earth and when the going gets tough to remind myself I am enough. We all our.


Goals #26 Lesley 2016

Wow, last week flew by! The combo of a Holiday Monday and extra exciting news kept me busier than ever. During these buys weeks I am so glad I have reminders and my goals where I can see them.

Health: I am a few weeks out of another test to figure out what is happening. So, I am sticking to my no sugar diet and most of the time life is pretty good. I am excited for the end of the month to hopefully get results that will allow me to finally cross this stomach thing off my list!

My workouts and training for the work are going great. I have them all sharpie’d in each week. I have never felt so strong in my life!

Personal: Brad and I took the last weekend to be with each other and our dogs. Our puppy Bayon is so well trained for a 4 month old. This week my Mother is visiting and so we are doing extra extra stuff this week so we can enjoy her visit.

Financial: Money in and Money out. But, Bills mean business. So, another week of working the plan!

Business: I am launching something big! Fingers crossed it pans out. I’ll keep you posted. My hubby and I also launched our podcast and this week it’s episode 4. When you’re an entrepreneur it’s always about watching the pots and when one boils being ready. Here’s to a few boiling at the same time!

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Goals Update 2016 #25 LL

Today in my task list was a reminder to review my 2016 goals. I have it set to look over each month. Every single item, idea and vision is listed on there for all my projects. I really love that this comes up. I know I write to all of you each week but seeing the BIG picture once a month is important. It’s so much easier to get back on track when you don’t wait until your 6 months or 20 miles down the road.

Health: I am still trying very hard to become one with my digestive system. The reset diet I did with matandkitchen.com was immensely helpful. However, I still had some issues and they were not going to ever go away with out help from antibiotics. As I write this I am hoping these antibiotics help so that I can cross this off the list. However, I am now back on the reset and even cleaner. Less than 10-15g of sugar a day is the goal this month. So here is to winning this situation.

Financial: I have been focusing on new investments for the future and reminding myself that bills mean business.

Personal: Catching up on my reading goal and my rest goal. Super thankful for holiday weekends!

Not to pat myself on the back too much but I am feeling good about where I am halfway through this extremely busy year. I have you all to thank as if I wasn’t writing this each week I am not sure I would be feeling this way.