Goals update 2016 #49 LL

Sooo, this is it for 2016 huh…it’s that “hurry up and wait” sort of thing. I cannot believe how this year has gone. Recently I was asked my definition of success. Success I feel is a strong word that can cut like a knife. I feel you have to create your own definition of what success is to you. For me, it means the freedom to do what I want when I want it. I feel very successful these days. But, this also means that as I grow my definition will also change.

Looking ahead to 2017 my definition is evolving a bit more. I’ll share it with you once I have a clearer idea what it is. For now, please note that while I freaking love goals and setting them, I also believe you have to be clear you are not just focusing on achievement.

I think it’s easy to become achievement based. But, fulfillment is going to be more satisfying. Everything I achieved this year has been extremely amazing. I sit here looking back and am feeling so good about many choices I made. I also sit here and realize there are some things that I focused on that didn’t matter, that I could have done differently and others that surprised me!

This week as I teach my final sessions of 2016 and look forward to the year ahead I have one word on my mind. This past year was a Fabulous and Fierce thesis. This upcoming year is about Creating. Oh, I cannot wait to share my creations! What will your year be?


Goals update 2016 #44 LL

Well, THAT happened!

I know that we have readers from all over the world and even on both sides of the results of the elections here in the US. However, I have always been honest about how I feel and how my goals are going. I will not stop doing that today.

I had all these plans for last week. I had goals I was working on, a todo list and was excited to think about the future a bit more. What would be next?!

Then I woke up on Wednesday. I had fallen asleep hoping it was a nightmare, hoping they would find more votes. Hoping! I woke up to what I considered the worst case scenario. I woke up and felt scared. Not just scared for me, scared for everyone. I tried to do my day as usual. I ran, went to yoga and walked the dogs. I was supposed to write two blogs that day. I sat there numb. Clare and I spoke. It was similar to a death in your life or a breakup. The world continued, but I couldn’t seem to focus. Couldn’t keep a thought in my head long enough to attach it to another thought. I couldn’t even read a magazine. I couldn’t get comfortable. I was beyond thrilled to go and teach. Teaching meant not having to think about anything but the person around me.

Here we are, five days later…I’m still scared but I am less shocked. I am still worried, but I can at least think about tomorrow and the future. I have picked my “bootstraps” back up and am moving forward!

This week: I shall catch UP!

Financial: no more freaking excuses after last week it’s all about getting it together so that no election determines my ability to do my dreams.

Health: My stomach is worse than last then the past week. The ayurvedic work I have been doing has helped 40%, but I am not sure how long I can continue at 40-60%. My Husband made some calls, and we are trying something else. I am going back on to my extremely strict reset and adding in some activated charcoal.

Personal: I mentioned before I am sleeping more and I continue to do that. I am also hoping to start reading for pleasure soon. I miss reading fiction. I completed my final module of “The Work” with my mentor this past weekend. I am spending my evening tonight with the Super Moon! My friends in “The Work” are joining me on one epic hike!

Business: My partner and I sent off some awesomely great emails last week and will have some exciting news for 2017! My Profitable Pilates goals are completing and or reshaping.

HUGE NEWS one of my goals from 2014 and 2015 that became a dream to happen when the timing was perfect! I taught at PilatesAnytime.com, and they released my first class! Enjoy 30 days of free watching with my code LLOGAN.

This week I hope is a little brighter for those of you who woke up like I did on Wednesday. Please keep smiling at strangers, showing love and light to everyone around you. xx~LL 

Goals 2016 #13 LL

I’m diving into my business. Well I have always been diving. But! This week major stuff is brewing.

My “Notes 2 Inspire” list is growing as are the subscribers on my site. I’ve been hoping to get some more followers on my social platforms and finally all the seeds I had been planting are blooming. Sort of like SPRING!

So, with all this growth I am sitting down and digging in. I’m working on developing some more workshops, filming them and getting them in the pipeline for people to enjoy!

Gotta go work my loves!