Goals Update #42 2016 LL

Holy Freaking COW! There are only 10 more weeks left in 2016….Thank goodness 2017 is available. I’m going to need it.

I just reviewed my goals for 2016. There are some I have decided to bump to 2017 because I just couldn’t fit them in. Not that I didn’t make time. I didn’t have the time. As you know this past month I made some room for more. These are the things that I am looking into checking out with this new “room” I have:

  1. Improve class
  2. Read more books
  3. Speaking appearances
  4. Camping trips

This week I am tying off a few projects and chewing on a few new ones to launch in 2017

Health: continuing to work on this new herb regimen and focus on stress less to help my stomach heal

Financial: paying off some big retreat bills and looking at 2017 needs

Personal: having more brunch with friends and date nights with my husband

Business: lots of follow ups since I just spent a week in a Pilate world hanging with fellow teachers, presenters and friends.

Is there a goal you still want to work on that will carry over to 2017?


Goals Update 2016 #41 LL

I know I have said it before but I love writing my updates each week. Sharing with you what I’m working on keeps me focused, on track but also allows me to be flexible in my approach to my journey. All of you have been so supportive along that way that it helps me to be honest with you and myself about where I am with my goals.

This week I am headed to the annual PMA conference. It is a Pilates Instructor gathering that I have been attending since 2009. It’s like a reunion for Pilates instructors. I get to hang out with some of my dearest friends. This years meeting has some key moments of celebration for some of the things I have been working towards.

  1. I wanted to live this year with a fierce and fabulous filter. I’m doing a lip sync battle on Friday. Something I would never have done before.
  2. I’m shooting for an article for a 2017 issue of Pilates Style. This has been a dream of mine since I became an instructor in 2008.
  3. A big announcement Friday that is in line with my goal of becoming more involved than I already am in the Pilates community.
  4. Spending more time IRL with friends.

Some more updates:

Financial: I got my numbers to my financial adviser. I also got honest with her about where I want my money to be invested and what’s most important today. I know I should be saving for my retirement but developing my businesses needs to be priority.

Health: I have released myself of a lot of stress in the last two weeks. Not that my job was stressful but I was carrying stress trying to do everything all at once with all of my efforts. I didn’t want to let anyone down. Now that I have let go of some of the plates I was spinning I am able to catch stress as it’s happening and release it. My stomach isn’t perfect but the less stress is helping.

Personal: I’ve been spending more time with my dogs and friends this last week and that has been incredible. I’m about to go on a hike as I write this. My yoga and Pilates practice all year have been so strong and consistent. I am super thankful LA has the weather it has so that I can make up for lost hikes!

Business: I’ve been focusing more on interacting with studios, magazines and instructors all over the world. 2017 is going to be a big travel year. That’s what I am manifesting anyways. But, one can manifest all day and nothing can happen. It’s about connecting and doing things today that will produce the travel of tomorrow!

I hope you have an amazing week xx~LLĀ 

Goals Update 2016 #25 LL

Today in my task list was a reminder to review my 2016 goals. I have it set to look over each month. Every single item, idea and vision is listed on there for all my projects. I really love that this comes up. I know I write to all of you each week but seeing the BIG picture once a month is important. It’s so much easier to get back on track when you don’t wait until your 6 months or 20 miles down the road.

Health: I am still trying very hard to become one with my digestive system. The reset diet I did with matandkitchen.com was immensely helpful. However, I still had some issues and they were not going to ever go away with out help from antibiotics. As I write this I am hoping these antibiotics help so that I can cross this off the list. However, I am now back on the reset and even cleaner. Less than 10-15g of sugar a day is the goal this month. So here is to winning this situation.

Financial: I have been focusing on new investments for the future and reminding myself that bills mean business.

Personal: Catching up on my reading goal and my rest goal. Super thankful for holiday weekends!

Not to pat myself on the back too much but I am feeling good about where I am halfway through this extremely busy year. I have you all to thank as if I wasn’t writing this each week I am not sure I would be feeling this way.


2016 Goals update #11 LL

Happiness! Yes, I wish I could just write that and you could see the updates…but since I can’t here you go:

Health: It’s time to get real adult. I must get a doctor. Calling this week

Personal: 3rd book of 12 done and 4th book is in the pipeline. I love reading. Can’t believe I ever stopped reading so much before this year.

JobLove: Get 2 more workshops on the books. Film 2 more for this month.

Happy Happy


2016 Goals Update #10 LL

Time flies when you are enjoying it. So, from now on I shall see that as a positive thing. My trip was beyond magical. As I land back in LA my goals for this week have a theme: Reflect and Revise.

Health: Check in with what I wanted out of this year. Make plans for what’s next.

Personal: Check with Financial progress first. How’s the first quarter playing out. What’s next?

Joblove: Check in with all the #’s get honest and make plans for the next 3 months

It’s good to take a step back and get a birds eye view. Checking in allows you time to revise. Goals are not set in stone!


2016 Goals Update #9 LL

Hello from Thailand and enroute to Cambodia. Yes, life is more amazing today than yesterday. My husband and I are enjoying the incredible life and culture of these amazing countries. I’ll have much to share after I get back. But, for now I must be quick!

Health: Being ok with not being on my normal LA schedule. Finding creative ways to move while on vacation.

Personal: Stay present!

Joblove: Looking forward to it when I return. For now…it’s on vacation too!

Off to the temples of Angkor


2016 Goals Update #8 LL

I’m on my honeymoon and enjoying life. My goals for this week:

Health: Relax

Personal: Be present

Joblove: Trust that it will all be there when I get back

SO much love for you from Thailand


2016 Goals Update #7 LL

This time next week I will be on a plane to SouthEast Asia and basically taking a break from the day to day life. Not that life stops or goals stop just that I’ll be enjoying life without the interruptions of what’s due now?

Before I go here’s what I’m getting done:

Health: Typing up a card of my food allergies in each language that I will encounter on my trip

Personal: Setting up my schedule for after my return so I don’t have to think about it as I return back from honeymoon bliss

JobLove: double checking Social media schedule is set up and all my website links work so the business runs without me. Thank you tech.

Sometimes you have to go further ahead to take a break


2016 Goals Update #6 LL

Geez…life is flying by! It’s a busy month but I am seeing the signs that my hardwork and todo lists are keeping me on track.

Health: I have been working towards eating cleaner. This may seem like a surprise as I mostly talk about my workouts. I have some food allergies and working on figuring out why I feel ill is an important part of 2016. I have now fully eliminated oil, dairy and gluten. I am feeling great!

One more week until my mat pilates assessment. Stay tuned to see if I pass

Personal: Get all my bill pays set up for March so nothing to worry about while traveling. Also, evaluate my savings plan for retirement

JobLove: Getting more savvy with my youtube videos.

Face Fears my friends! I hate tech and I am diving in.


2016 Goals Update #5 LL

I am literally weeks away from my honeymoon and using this 2 week vacation to really get ahead. My thinking is after I get back I can take a clear look back at how my plans are going.

Health: Still doing my mat pilates everyday to get ready for my assessment. Focusing on the transitions between the exercises this week. No rushing!

Personal: Finishing up book 2 of 12 for the year. The School of Greatness for our LiveClareLesley bookclub podcast

JobLove: Filmed workshop #2 of 4 and interviewing experts to help me advertise (this is a big step for me).

Keep on Keeping on!