Who’s on Your Team?

Not sure if I have share this before but I was raised by an athlete. His father also an athlete. I don’t know much actually pretty much anything about my great grandfather but I imagine he played something. You don’t raise a son to get into professional baseball before World War 2, without some love for sports. My father’s love of sports was passed on to my siblings and me. We were on basketball, baseball/softball, volleyball and track teams. This is not a just a sports post. I promise. It’s instead a post looking at what can we creatives learn from those who are on Teams?

Let’s get past the workouts or the games. Let’s simplify it. No athlete is without a team. Even golfers. Some would say they are a team of 1. But, get past what you see on the course. They have a caddy, they get advice from their caddy. They have a coach. They have trainers. They have people they golf with. They have a team too!

We all have a team. We may not know it. Or we even may think we can do anything all by ourselves. But the saying it’s “lonely at the top” exists because it’s true. There are some things attainable all on your own. But, when you’re there who will you celebrate with?

My goal for this blog is to:

  1. Recognize you are not alone
  2. Help you take stock of the teamates you have
  3. Make changes if necessary
  4. Show you how to take on your goal with your team

First, you are not alone. There are many people out there trying to achieve their bliss. Even if you are a freelance copy writer who works at a coffee shop, a stay at home mom, or starting your own business–you are not alone. There are lots of people also working at that coffee shop. If you think “But Lesley, I work best by myself.” Well, ok…but who do you bounce your ideas off of? I bet it’s not the wall in front of you. I bet you call someone, text someone, read something. You are not in a vacuum no matter how much you desire to be.  Who are these people?

Second, who are the teamates you have. Since many of you proabably have not thought about those around you this is a good time to take out a sheet of paper and write down those you spend time with. Those who you work together with, open up to, get advice from, love, respect. Even those you don’t enjoy much as a person but you know the two of you get great work done. Who are these people?

When I first thought about this I was amazed at the players I already had. I couldn’t believe I was going through my projects, working my plan and not recognizing the coaches, players, scouts and more I already had. Clearly they knew we were on this team. I finally opened my eyes up.

I have my husband, my pilates instructor, my trainer, Clare, a few teachers whose questions inspire me to do more. Clients who don’t even realize that the things they share are little seeds of information for which I can grow blogs, workshops and my “notes 2 inspire.” I have my running partner who gets me going on days I would rather sleep a few extra minutes.

My teammates have changed over the years. I also know just like in sports some of my teammates will be traded or retire. This is not a bad thing. As we have discussed in Breaking up with Friends and First Kiss some people are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Some of my past coaches became great teammates and now just great friends. Not kicked off the team. They just moved from being on the roster with me to being in the bleachers ready to cheer me on and go out after a long days work for a drink to enjoy life with.

Which brings me to #3: Make changes if necessary.  Don’t be afraid to let a teammate go. Maybe you’ve been keeping a friend on the bench with you but really they should be in the bleachers. As Lewis Howes states in his book the “School of Greatness,” we are the average of those we spend our time with.

This whole post was inspired by this thought. We are the average of those we surround ourselves with. Who is on our team? Do they inspire you to do more? Do they make sure feel one upped? Who will you keep and who will you put to the side?

I know that can sound harsh. Maybe someone has been your friend your entire life. Maybe it’s a sibling. I’m not saying you cut them off from your life. Just that you recognize their role in your life.

Take a look at your new team. Share your goals and desires with them. As a team get clear on your vision. Create a plan, re-assess  regularly. You are not alone. Your path to your success is a journey for you and your team.

Go Team!


Focus on what you have

Life is amazing! No, I am not joking. I am dead serious. We are often asked “How are you?” Or, “How are things?” I find that people are regularly surprised that I with enthusiasm (even when tired) say that “I’m Great” or, “I’m amazing.” Why do I think they are surprised? Well, they look at me like I’m lying. They respond questioningly with “Really?”

No, this blog is not about how amazing I am. Or why can’t people just take what you tell them for what it is. This blog is about focusing on what you have already in your life. Why? Because if you do your life will feel more amazing to you.

Last year I wrote how to deal with a barrage of green grass.  If you haven’t read it go ahead and check it out. It’ll help with what I am about to tell you. If you focus on what you have already. More will come your way. You don’t have to take my word for it. If you want someone with more clout check out The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes.

In his book (which we are reading for our book club so grab a copy and join us) he talks about the things that successful people regularly do. One is be grateful. Be grateful for what you already have.

I know, this sounds all new agey and yoga like. But, please stick with me here. It is so easy to get caught up in what we do not have. What we think we need. But, what if you instead just took an inventory of what you already have.

I am the first person to beat myself up. I know I just said my life is amazing and I meant it. But, in my personal work and workouts I can be the biggest judge.  I don’t need that little devil on my shoulder, I am perfectly capable of being right inside my head telling myself every little mistake I made. However, after reading this section about being grateful by focusing on all the things you already have, my mind went down a journey into realizing all the strength I already have. Yes, I want more. But, what if I just focused on what I rocked. Only focused on that. Sure, I have to do the exercises and tasks that are hard for me. But, what if I came at them with the same strength and enthusiasm I use on other tasks and exercises? What then? Well, they will probably be easier to at least get through.

I’ve brought Strength Finders  up before. They have a wonderful test and book that helps you figure out your top 5 strengths and how to use those to be the best version of yourself. Again, it’s so easy for us to focus on the things we don’t have. We wish we had more time, money, education, experience, etc. Strength Finders would say you focus on your strengths not your weaknesses and you will have more success. Meaning: Focus on what you already are capable of (have) and more will come. If you focus on the strength and abilities you don’t have or you think you don’t have you’ll be where you are or worse. You’ll feel further behind…stuck. Like your treading water. That’s exhausting!

I’m focusing on taking five minutes each morning to be thankful for what I have that day ahead of me. If I feel a little judgey devil in my head I am going to turn my grateful music on louder and listen to the sounds of focusing on what I have.

Want more in your life? Try this:

  1. Set aside time each day (preferably morning) to write or say what you are grateful for.
  2. When you feel a “I wish” “I need” “if only I had…” Stop. Call a friend or family member and just tell them Thank you for being awesome.
  3. You have all that you need to get to where you are wanting to be.  If you’re reading this you have at least something that connect to the internet. That’s more than lots of people have.
  4. Starve the Devil. He/She feeds off you focusing on what you don’t have. Starve him by thinking about all that you do have.

Is there more I want in this world? Heck yes! YAAS!!! I want so much awesome stuff. But, the truth is if I only look at that list, that picture it will soon feel like a mirage. Like something so far off in the distance that I am not getting any closer to it. Keep my eyes on what is in front of me right now and one day that mirage will be this awesome reality.

Go be Grateful my readers, Focus on your have’s!


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