Goals updates 2016 #35 Clare

I’m in a show!  Waste, Fraud, and Abuse The Musical

I found a copy editor!

I’ve got a date with a friend to clean out my summer wardrobe next week to delete anything I don’t need or didn’t wear or like this season!  It will be gone soon!

Ugh… finances are still crap…

I’m back to doing my Sun Salutations every morning.  I feel so much better!!



Goals updates 2016 #34 Clare

I love the fall!  But I feel so overwhelmed!  LL and I had a discussion about our goals and where we are in our journey this year.  I feel like I’ve done pretty well in some areas and not so well in others.

Fall always seems like we’re turning the corner to the end of the year, but it also feels like a fresh start.  So I’m revising my goals.  Maybe one of the reasons I’ve not been successful is that I didn’t quite know what I wanted, and made the wrong goal.  Maybe one of the reasons I’ve had trouble keeping up with my goals is that I’m now bored with the daily steps, or I’ve hit a ceiling.  So 2016 goals revised:

  1. Fitness-This one  I’m keeping exact–keep up with a small exercise daily–I’m sticking with sun saluations.
  2. Finances-This one I keep avoiding.  So I’m going to put it on hold for now and see what my goal really is.
  3. Organization–I’ve cleaned out my closet to a good extent… but I’ve also seemed to fill up the empty spaces.  Maybe I need to shop less!
  4. Book–I’m not sure why this one isn’t working.  Its a big step next: publishing.  I don’t know why I’m scared.  I’m still waiting for help… but I think I need to start asking for help again.
  5. Agent-I’m in a show and reaching out to many about it.  I’m going to focus on going to lots of auditions for the fall.  Getting good work will get me an agent!

Goals #30–2016 Clare

Wow… can’t believe we’re now to 30… a third of the way through!

I love the discussions I’ve been having with you all about my goals–so thank you for your continual support!

I’m still auditioning, still in a holding pattern with the book.  Still cleaning a little each week and I’m finding that a person who likes “stuff” is letting go a little more each week.

Spending with only cash is going well.  No change from the diet… although, I love how many veggies I’m eating… I feel like I have more energy.

Goals 2016–Clare #28

Finance–Eeek…. I’ll admit I’ve let this one slide… and its funny, because I didn’t really realize it until a couple of friends asked me about it.  Sigh.

Fitness–I don’t know how it is where you are, but in NYC its 95+++ degrees… its TOASTY.  My morning sun salutations are a struggle, but I’m determined to keep it up.

Organization–I tackled the back of my door today–which is a lot of hanging bras, sweatshirts and hidden things… I got rid of a handful of things–off to the goodwill I go!

Book–I’ve been formatting and looking for a copy editor to help me out, as mine have fallen off.

Agent–auditions are starting to pick up… I feel like fall might be a good season for me!!

Goals #26–Clare 2016

Goals!!! Every time I write one of these, I love and hate it.  Its exciting to watch my own progress–I do go back and read my posts at the end of each month…. and I’m cheering myself on.

I’m keeping it slow and steady, y’all… which is the way to go.  To keep up with the goals, I think you have to find a good pacing and keep up with it.

My mom was here, and I slacked off a little, but we walked a lot more than I think I usually do, and we went to the beach.  But I’m back in my sun salutation morning routine, and cruising along with that.

I feel like my finance stuff went out the window, but my support group for that has kind of dried up.  I need to find some more financially saavy friends.

Book–I’m looking for a copy editor–anyone want the gig?  Seriously.  I’ll pay you in love, and possibly cookies.  Message me below!

Acting–I start working for NYMF next week–I’m super excited.  I’m not acting, but I’m working the festival.  I feel good about this.  I love theater so much, I’m happy being around it.  And I’m in talks with a couple of groups in the city about upcoming roles.

Organizing–I took a box to goodwill finally.  I need to put away all of my skinny shorts… I pulled them out of the drawer, because I got tired of running into them…

See you next week!

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Goals Update 2016 #21 Clare

OMG!!! I can’t believe we’re half way through this year.  So a quick look back to begin.  Ok, honestly, I didn’t think I would be as good in some of these areas as I am–fitness, organization, agent.  But I’m kind of bummed about where I am in Finance and my book…

However, the proud is out weighing the bummed!



I paid most of my taxes. I’ve started a savings plan for next year.


Still going strong.  Daily sun salutations.  Not gonna lie, some days I’d rather sit on the sofa then do them, but then I think–hey, I can still listen to music or watch tv… and these DON’T take THAT long.


Summer clothes are all out, and winter clothes are put away.  UGH.  I need to detox some of the summer stuff.  I’m gonna go with “if I didn’t wear it last summer, its going in a pile.  If I think about it tomorrow, I’ll keep it.  If I don’t, off to be donated!”


Formatting and making edits from one of my copy editors!


Still hoping to book.  Summer is super slow in my business, and in this city.  So I might not have a ton to update here until fall.

Goals Update #19–Clare


Its kind of an amazing feeling to not watch your bank account plummet when you decide to try to not spend so frivolously.  However my taxes were finally filed and I owe.  A lot.  And although I saved, I didn’t save enough.  So back to the drawing board.  Someday I hope I’ll get this money thing right.


So I was at an event that had a fortune teller… so I sat down and chatted with her.  She told me, not knowing that I had committed this year to finding an exercise habit that would stick.  She told me that this little change I had made in my life was going to do me really well in the long run–which was the whole point of this goal.  Its nice to know that I have a pat on the back from the Universe.


I have a bad habit of just making piles now, and will come back to them later… well… this Saturday was pile day.  I tackled and put away two giant piles.


I had two people ask me about it… I don’t know why, but I’m waiting on this.  Procrastinating almost.


Went to an audition with a big theater company.  Crossing my fingers!

Goals update 2016–#18 Clare


I reined it in and saved money this week.  Working on paying off the credit card with the highest interest rate.


Since its warmer outside I’ve been walking to the extra subway stop.  I’ve also walked three times in the part this week.   And sun salutations.  And tap class!


Half way through changing over summer clothes and winter clothes!


NO change


no change.

Goals Updates 2016– #17 Clare

I feel like I’m just in the upkeep stage… So nothing new to report other than I’ve kept up with it all!! 


Spending less money! 


Sun Salutations,  swimming, and tap class, oh my! 


Cleaning and trying to keep organized.  


Correspondence and fundraising.  


Classes, postcards, auditions!!

Its Our Birthday!!

One year ago TODAY we launched this blog… so Happy Birthday to our blog, and Happy Anniversary to all of you who share our page! To celebrate with all of you, we thought we would take the week off of advice, and instead pass out virtual party hats and give our views on anniversaries, birthdays, and this blog. We asked each other questions, and here is what we came out of that! Enjoy!!


LL and Clare

Clare: What is the most important thing about an anniversary or birthday (to you)?
LL: I feel that bday’s, and anniversaries, are great markers in our lives to reflect about where we have been and picture/plan where we are going. I used to think it was all about the birthDAY. All about the anniversary. That was the day, party, or experience I was waiting for. Now, I realize that the days and years leading up to the parties and anniversaries is where the life worth living is. The most important thing about the birthday and anniversary is seeing how far you have come. A birthday or anniversary is a time o remind and review: What is in your life that you want more of and what isn’t rocking your bliss; What do you need to let go of; Are the people celebrating with you the right ones.

LL: What’s your ideal dream celebration for your birthday?

Clare: I LOVE surprises, but I’m TERRIBLE at getting them, because I see variations in patterns and behavior… so unless the person/people doing the surprises are really slick, I usually figure stuff out (and I HATE IT!! I always feel bad when I figure things out, or I’m really cranky at the people who are trying to throw me a surprise, not knowing that they’re working on something wonderful!  Thank you to everyone who has ever tried to surprise me!!).  I would LOVE to have a surprise dinner all that I love there, lots of yummy (and maybe free food)… and then some silly activity like bowling or mini golf after.  (I like to mix my fancy with silly!)
Clare: What is a suggestion you have for people to make an anniversary or birthday celebration the best?

LL: Have it YOUR WAY. Seriously have the celebration you want to have. It’s why I celebrate my birthday with Choose Your Own Adventure Party.  I got so tired of throwing parties and inviting people getting excited to see all of the RSVP’s, only to have people flake at the last minute. I didn’t want to reserve/pay for a table for 30 to only have 14 show up. I also realized that celebrating and having fun on my birthday was important to me. That I had to control my controllables. I plan my own birthday my way and do what I want to do and where I want to do it. I invite all of my friends, families and co-workers and the only rule is that they don’t rsvp. Then I get to only see who shows up. All the positives of the parties no disappointments. So, just do what you want to do and don’t worry about entertaining your guests. It’s your Freaking day!!

LL: Are their any special anniversaries you celebrate other than your birthday and why?

Clare: I celebrate my NYC anniversary–as it seems many of us do here.  It takes a lot to follow a dream and to stay strong in that dream.  “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” is such a true statement.  I’m actually terrible at anniversaries and remembering other people’s birthdays… so glad technology helps me remember.  I LOVE celebrating any friend’s birthday.  I’m always happy to make cupcakes!

Clare: Do you have a special thing you do on your birthday or anniversary, like a tradition you like to follow?

LL: Hmm… I said above I don’t do RSVPs; I guess that translates to keeping no expectations, so that way everything is a surprise. I also like to think back on the past ones and reminisce on past memories.

Clare: Did I tell you what I do with birthday cards–because it seems a waste to read them and look at them and then toss them?  I stick them into books, cook books, and random nooks in my apartment.  Then, later down the line when its NOT my birthday, I run into the birthday wish again!  Its like hide-and-seek with birthday cards!  And a fun way to revisit those memories.

LL: What birthday or anniversary in your life do you still think about, look back to or remember as something more than just a birthday?

Clare: 7th birthday was when I had to grow up quickly.  30th birthday was when everything seemed to make sense again.  I revisit both of those, often.

Clare: What is the best birthday or anniversary gift you were ever given?

LL: Time. Time with me. I honestly tried to think of my favorite birthday gift. I truly do love all the gifts I have been given. I am someone who puts sentimental value on things. So I do love and cherish and keep gifts because of whom they’re from. I like them as the physical representation of the Time. Joining me on something fun, sharing experiences and making memories. Love those gifts the BEST!

Clare: It’s amazing what we remember and what we don’t, isn’t it?  I remember giving you a purse you LOVED one year… and you got me a pair of earrings, which were stolen from my suitcase this last year–I’m so sad they’re gone.  I think that is part of the reason I make people food for their birthday’s–its always enjoyed and appreciated, and it really doesn’t matter if its remembered!

LL: Speaking of gifts, you have a gift for writing!  What is a favorite blog you’ve written and I’ve written. Why? Did it surprise you?

Clare: Thanks, love!  You’re great at it, too!  Probably, Love Your Skin Now–it felt like a really risky and really, literally, naked piece to write.  I’m used to sharing my thoughts and insecurities through my characters on stage, but never my personal ones.  I’m so excited that I wrote it and it got such a great response.  I cried while writing it.

Clare: Where do you see this blog at our next anniversary?

LL: More blogs each week for our readers and our Book in print!

LL: Thinking forward, is there a birthday or anniversary you’re looking forward to celebrating?

Clare: September 8th this year I hit my 5 years in NYC.  I’m also looking forward to my 40th Birthday (which is only a few years away).  And this birthday…it’s the same day as the birth of our blog!

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